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June 28, 2008



Michael Turner passes away at 37

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 28, 2008, 6:56 AM
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July 23 - 27, 2008 - San Diego Comic-Con
August 22 - 24, 2008 - Toronto Fan Expo Canada


I woke up this morning and logged onto my computer going through my regular cycle of websites when i click on the first comic news site on my favourites list i see in bold "Michael Turner passes away at 37".  my mouth practically dropped to the floor as i read the headline over and over to make sure it was real.  i knew that he was still battling cancer but for some reason i never thought he would pass away so young because of it.  the comic community loses another great inspirational artist.

while i admit that i was never the biggest fan of his art, i was never shy to say that he was a great person.  i met him only once back in 2003, back when i was working with the now defunct dreamwave.  my boss pat at the time introduced me to him and michael was nothing but friendly and open to talking to me.  i was still very new to the industry back then and meeting an artist of his caliber was so exciting as he spoke to me like we were already good buddies.  i never got a chance to talk to him again after that.  he was always busy at other conventions that i saw him at and i don't think he even remembered who i was, but i'll always remember him as the first A-list comic pro that didn't treat me as another comic fan-boy.  

the comic and art community will certainly miss you Michael!


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RreDeYeSs Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2008
Michael Turner that was the first artist name i remmembered when i was a kid.
he will be missed
twincastX Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2008
ahh man i heard about this on newsarama this weekend. its sad man.

R.I.P Micheal Turner
CTCFirebird Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2008
He was one of the great artists I ever knew. I still can't believe it. For some reason in my family, usually a person dies young.

Michael Turner, where ever you are, we will all miss you. May you rest in peace
faust40 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2008
i logged on last night,went on comics comtinuum. saw his picture on the bulliten for that day and a sence of dread washed over me before i panned my eyesight to read the soon as i read it it became real and i bursted into tears.i never met hime but i followed his work since witchblade.he was my insperation for wanting to be an artist. his art has saved me from so many of my own personal demons. i'm gonna miss the high i would get when ever i saw a new drawing he did. the way he could take the corniest looking dc ( flash's rogues)characters and make them look bad ass without altering their costum at all.i feel this loss personally although i didn't know him.i don't know him but i miss him.
Zarnage Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh man, I just found out about this! :( I didn't read much of his work, but I certainly admired his style. I first saw his work in Witchblade, and I was inspired by his sexy Sara...

Rest in peace, Mr. Turner!
jet44444 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2008
i was really looking foward to meeting him in wiz world this year, just found out today and im in shock, he was one of the first comic artists i really looked up to. He will be missed :(
Cyber-Kun Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Dear God, I can't believe it... I just... man. WE certainly lost another great
kaname-chan Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2008
....I feel kind of numb after reading that journal. I am a huge fan of his work. I loved his fathom series and it was him that drew me into the world of witchblade. Its hard to believe that he has passed on. He was so young. Its hard to believe...

I mean he was so talented. His eye for details is truly amazing. It is a sad day to lose someone so talented and amazing at such a young age. I mean i'm bout 9 years younger than he is. It makes me feel like time is even shorter
darkkari Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2008
RARG no ;[

I have say this is all to much, to many creative people are being taken from us.

Heath Ledger, George Carlin etc and now this.
Thrakks Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2008
He was one of my favourite Artists :(
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